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Dan played piano for our wedding ceremony and cocktail hour.

We met him beforehand at his residence

and we went over some music ideas as he showed how well he played.


Keep in mind, he's also a piano teacher, so he's well-versed.


We called about a week before the wedding and finalized music that we wanted, attire we wanted him to wear, timelines, etc. ​


He was very efficient and organized.

The day of  the wedding he showed up on time,

seemed to know exactly what to do (It wasn't his first wedding!),

and played eloquently.


Our loved ones commented on our quirky musical choices and how great it was for him to play it, as well as his level of skill.


I got to sit down and take a break at cocktail hour and grab a drink and finally listen to the music, which set a relaxing mood for our guests.


It was much better than just having the bustling sounds

of guests chatting and silver wear clashing against the plates as people ate. ​


One great part is that by hiring Dan we actually SAVED money.

Our guitar player who we had set for the ceremony backed out and
our d.j. wanted a ton of money to play the ceremony music.


For the same price, we actually got Dan to play not only the ceremony, but during the cocktail hour (Which I mentioned earlier). ​


The DJ wasn't willing to do that, which was a blessing in disguise

since if we had hired them to do so we wouldn't have met Dan. Highly recommended.

Andrew Berry - Wedding

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