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Virtual Piano Concerts for Libraries, Senior Homes,
& Other Venues -
See Calendar of Dozens of Upcoming Events!
♫ View Samples of Pre-recorded and Live Concerts Here ♫

Slideshow Concerts - for Graduations, Annual Newsletters,
Anniversaries, Weddings, & other Special Events

Volunteer Student & Teacher Live Stream Performances 
for Seniors, Families, & Patients!

Piano Lessons Using Video-Conferencing
On FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom

Specially Personalized Concerts or Background Music
via Audio/Video-Live-Streamed Performances
For an Intimate Dinner or Relaxing in Your Living Room,

Professional Live-Streamed Performances for Seniors
with Request Lists of Hundreds of Songs
Online Lyrics to Sing Along
Name-That-Tune Options
Bed-side Streamed Performances for those in a Hospital Bed

Call or Email
For More Information!

or Click Here
to Book a Performance! 

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